Our Team

1. Fr Benny SVD
Fr Benny SVD is the Director of Divine Word Centre, Muthangi.  Ordained a priest in 2003, Fr Benny worked first as the Administrator and then as the Programme Coordinator of CWC before taking over as the Director of DWC in 2012. A Masters in Psychology from University of Bengaluru, Fr Benny is a certified psychological and spiritual counsellor. A Charismatic servant of God, Fr Benny conducts retreats in the ministry of deliverance and healing. He is also a powerful orator, singer and musician.

2. Fr. Ravi SVD
Fr Ravi SVD is the Programme Coordinator of DWC. Ordained a priest in 2012, he joined DWC in the same year. A Bachelors in English Literature, Fr Ravi is a powerful orator and plays a key role in the publications ministry at DWC. A Charismatic servant of God, he conducts retreats in the ministry of deliverance and healing.

3. Fr. Soosai SVD
Fr Soosai SVD is the Administrator and Procurator of DWC. Ordained a priest in 1992, Fr Soosai worked as the Provincial Treasurer for six years. Gifted with the ability to manage and administer, he worked as the Vocational Promoter in Trichy, Parish Priest in different parts of the Province, and served as the principal of a school in the Province. A Masters in Church Management (Pastoral Ministry) and a Bachelors in English, Sociology and Political Science, Fr Soosai has built many parishes, schools and provincial houses.

4. Fr. Thomas Akkara SVD
Fr Thomas Akkara SVD is the Spiritual Director of DWC. Ordained a priest in 1966 in Rome after completing his higher studies in Philosophy and Theology, Fr Thomas was assigned the task of pioneering the mission work in Andhra Pradesh. A Licentiate in Philosophy and a Doctorate in Theology, Fr Thomas was a visiting professor in the Philippines. He has conducted retreats for priests and religious sisters. Besides being District Superior and Dean of the District, Fr Thomas has the charism to spread the Word to Non Christians and Non Catholics.