Guidance and Counselling at Muthangi

What is Counselling?

Counselling is helping an individual become aware of himself/herself and the ways in which he/she is reacting to the behavioural influences of his/her environment. It further helps him/her to establish some personal meaning for this behaviour and to clarify and develop a set of goals and values for future behaviour (Donald Blocker).

In the process of counselling relationship, the counsellor tries to facilitate behavioural change, positive mental health, problem resolution, personal effectiveness, decision-making, etc. by employing various psychological procedures. When the counselee acquires greater insight into the roots of his/her concerns and gains better clarity about his/her beliefs and how they influence what he/she thinks and feels, that understanding starts producing the desired goals in the counselee.

Why Counselling?

It is a fact that stressful life-style triggered by various demands and pressures and faulty perceptions of realities has been playing a havoc on the mental health of individuals, families and communities. More than ever, there is a dire need today to find ways and means to attend to our increasing psychological needs and concerns. Psychological Counselling is fast becoming a highly sought after service not only by the elite and the literate but also by all sections of our society.

Speciality of Divine Word Centre, Muthangi

Divine Word Centre at Muthangi is basically a charismatic prayer centre providing holistic healing to thousands of people from all walks of life through various spiritual and sacramental services. Sensing the signs of the time, it also offers psychological counselling services by professionally trained counsellors. We have the following personnel in our counselling service team:

Fr. C.V. Benny, SVD (Spiritual Counsellor and Psychological Counsellor with Master of Science in Guidance and Counselling from Sampurna, Bangalore University).

Fr. S. Kulandaisamy, SVD (Spiritual Counsellor and Psychological Counsellor with Master of Science in Guidance and Counselling from De La Salle University, Philippines).

Fr. Ravi Kumar Reddy, SVD (Spiritual Counsellor) and Fr. Thomas Akkara, SVD (Spiritual Counsellor).

Depending on the need, the services of other professional counsellors from the twin city of Hyderabad - Secunderabad are also availed. You are most welcome to avail our counselling services. On prior appointment the sessions could be scheduled. E-mail counselling services are also offered. Watch out on our page for a short monthly reflection on psychological themes related to family, student-teachers, adolescents, mid-lifers, elders, etc.

For details contact:

Fr. S. Kulandaisamy, SVD (in-charge of Counselling Cell), Divine Word Centre, Muthangi,

Via Patancheru, Medak Dist. T.S. – 502 300, Mobile: 9618544544, 9491993525.