Retreat for Growth

This retreat helps individuals recognise their spiritual gifts, talents and strength so that it becomes a healing presence in the community where they live. This Spiritual Retreat is for all those who want to walk with Christ as closely as possible. Spread over three days, this retreat facilitates intensive learning, discerning, praying and growing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit which are given to an individual for the well being of the world. Every gift that St Paul speaks of (1 Cor 12:1+) is instilled in a person for appropriate use at the right time to build the Church.

The retreat involves several hours of deep study on the varieties of gifts of the Holy Spirit hidden in the faithful. There will be special prayers of anointing to equip the participant with the recognition of the gifts. There will be prayers to activate the gifts. Each participant will be given opportunity to personally visit one of the team members for personal spiritual counselling and preparatory prayers for anointing and healing. There will be time for the Sacrament of Reconciliation to make the Healing Prayers more effective and powerful.