Retreat for Priests & Religious

This special retreat is meant for all priests and religious who want to deepen their religious life and to recommit themselves as a response to His calling.  
Type of retreat: Residential (closed)
Who all can attend: Priests and Religious
Language: English
Date: May 25 - May 30 (Five Days)

i. Guided Retreats: A Guided Retreat means the participant gets personal attention not only in understanding the Word of God but also in resolving spiritual and personal problems. 

ii. Guided Personal Retreat: It is good to have a time of quiet, prayer and reflection. This is all the more necessary for people who are always busy attending to various cares and concerns in life.  The guided retreat is a time to listen to God who is always at work in your life. The retreat guide is not only a listener but a companion to help you make good things happen in your life. The retreat will also help you experience more peace and a better frame of mind. 

The retreat will help you become aware of all unresolved issues that stop you from being a happy person.  It will help you get closer to God who always wants to show His great love towards you. For that matter, all those who come to take part in this retreat experience Him in a special way and return home rejuvenated and more confident. 

iii. Guided Group Retreat: Guided retreats are meant for groups such as congregations, seminarians and members of the clergy.  The size of the group is at least 12 people.  The retreat consists of a series of meditation focused on a particular spiritual theme.  Each day is structured to facilitate adequate time for prayer, reflection and worship in silence.  Retreat guides are drawn from the clergy who are guided by the Holy Spirit as well as experts in the ministry of teaching, preaching and guiding.

iv. Inner Healing Retreat: This retreat facilitates inner healing in all those who go through lots of problems and struggles in their life. With the help of the Holy Spirit, they are healed of all negative experiences that are rooted in their childhood experiences. They are set free to accept the truth that it is Jesus who alone can heal them.  As a result, they are now freed from problems such as anxiety, stress, anger, fear, and lack of forgiveness. This will improve their relationships with others and also bring about greater intimacy with Christ.

The main purpose of Inner Healing Retreat is to bring a greater understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit in a community of believers.  Out of the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1Cor12:4) comes the gift of inner healing.  When Jesus heals, he does it not only for physical ills but also for spiritual and emotional ills.  Inner healing mainly deals with the restoration of your emotional and spiritual health.  Many times with inner healing paves the way for physical healing as well. “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” (Rom12:2)

v. Charism Retreat: This retreat helps individuals recognise their spiritual gifts, talents and strength so that it becomes a healing presence in the community where they live. This Spiritual Retreat is for all those who want to walk with Christ as closely as possible. Spread over three days, this retreat facilitates intensive learning, discerning, praying and growing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit which are given to an individual for the well being of the world. Every gift that St Paul speaks of (1 Cor 12:1+) is instilled in a person for appropriate use at the right time to build the Church.

The retreat involves several hours of deep study on the varieties of gifts of the Holy Spirit hidden in the faithful. There will be special prayers of anointing to equip the participant with the recognition of the gifts. There will be prayers to activate the gifts. Each participant will be given opportunity to personally visit one of the team members for personal spiritual counselling and preparatory prayers for anointing and healing. There will be time for the Sacrament of Reconciliation to make the Healing Prayers more effective and powerful.

vi. Constitutional Retreat: This is a congregation-oriented retreat mainly based on the constitution of a particular congregation that wants to have the retreat. Based on the constitution, necessary guidance will be provided for a proper understanding of the objective and motto of the congregation. This retreat facilitates to deepen the call towards God and the fulfilment of the mission as outlined by the congregation.