PADMA , Ashoknagar

My name is PADMA and I am from Ashoknagar. I am a volunteer at divine word centre and have been coming here for many years. By God’s grace both my sons are blessed with Jobs, one... Read more

NOEL , Nashik

My name is NOEL and I am from Nashik. I attended the retreat in the month of march. Before the service could start I was terribly disturbed as I had to answer the call of nature and... Read more


My name is GLORIA DUTT and I attended the inner healing retreat in month of March. During the anointing mass a healing was announced saying that someone is healed of poor eye sight... Read more


My name is SHIRLEY ANN JAMES and I am from Nashik. I was suffering with a muscular back ache for many years, however I put my trust in our lord. I came for the innerhealing retreat... Read more

MARY KARUNA , Hyderabad

My name is MARY KARUNA and I am from Hyderabad. I called the 24/7 prayer house to get visa for USA. Within few days I get a confirmation of my VISA to USA for 10yrs. I thank and... Read more